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2009,06,16 A Email to Executives and Trustees of BOS

John Mew’s Lecture Part 14 – Age for treatment

What age should parents be advised about the cause of malocclusion and should treatment be started before the growth spurts at seven or twelve?

John Mew’s Lecture Part 13 – Contrasting Orthodontic Concepts

Most dental and orthodontic students attend university to learn how to treat patients, so they inevitably learn past methods. Some will stay with these all their life, others will change their ideas; maybe more than once.

John Mew’s Lecture Part 12 – Measuring Facial Shape

Brodie and Bolton developed different ways to demonstrate facial form, especially of the profile. Most orthodontic super impositions are based on the Sphenoid bone but this may not be as stable as we have believed.

John Mew’s Lecture Part 11 – Changing Facial Aesthetics

Orthodontists naturally focus on the teeth while most orthotropists think the face is more important. Most fixed appliances tend to retract the face while orthotropics moves it forward.

John Mew’s Lecture Part 10 – Measuring Facial Aesthetics

In session five we discussed the benefits of an attractive face and how they were related to forward growth and in session six, how the Indicator Line will measure facial development.