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john mews lecture part 11 changing facial aesthetics


Nov 03,2020

Orthotropics 11. Changing Facial Aesthetics

Precis. Orthodontists naturally focus on the teeth while most orthotropists think the face is more important. Most fixed appliances tend to retract the face while orthotropics moves it forward. Some illustrations are shown of different forms of treatment.

Lecture 11.This is the principal objective of Facial Orthotropics. I think I can fairly say that most orthodontists are more interested in dental alignment than facial change. In fact many of them claim and I am sure believe that there is no risk of facial damage provided the treatment is conducted correctly. I think they are wrong. I have spent many years studying facial change and in 1999 published the results of a study of Identical Twins treated by different methods. I know of no better way to research this subject and it surprises me the no one has ever repeated this. I believe that the one pair I show below demonstrates all we need to know about fixed orthodontics and orthotropics.


I had previously noticed that faces almost always lengthened slightly when fixed appliances were used. Often this was only a millimetre or two, but sometimes more and occasionally much more (see illustration below). This usually occurs with more severe malocclusions especially if much retraction had been used. Soon my post box began to fill with mail from distressed patients, often very upset about what they thought was damage caused by orthodontics.


I can understand that orthodontists are very irritated with these opinions and see me as a threat. As a result of my research with twins I concentrate on achieving as much forward growth as possible with all my patients and soon I had dozens of cases with obvious facial improvements (see below which orthodontics were not able to equal). By then I had been thrown out of my orthodontic society, but continued with my research. However I was dismayed to find that in the UK few were listening to me, although more and more orthodontists from around the world have become interested and I think my message is now being heard.


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