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orthotropics thinking beyond teeth


Orthotropics represents a new way of looking at crooked teeth. Instead of seeing them in isolation, they are viewed as part of the head and neck, and in relation to other problems in this system such as breathing, body posture, jaw joint problems and most ENT issues.

Missing the bigger picture is a common problem within medicine and orthodontics is no exception. Developed to make teeth straight, fixed braces have been so successful that it has been possible to ignore most of the problems. However problems do exist and are getting worse.

By piecing together the little good quality science available and starting from a blank canvas Orthotropics casts aside most of the presumptions contemporary orthodontics has been built on, to generate a universal, evidence based theory.

Faces that grow well have straight teeth and are healthy, whereas faces that do not, have crooked teeth and a list of other health problems. Attempting to force the teeth into alignment is ineffective in the long term and potentially damaging. However attempting to redirect the growth pattern can align the teeth permanently, gain wide-ranging health benefits (especially for sleep apnoea) and improves facial appearance.

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